Girls Education

Trust has adopted Government Girls High Schools at Bowenpally, Trimulgherry and Marredpally in Secunderabad. These schools have a total strength of around 850 girl students- many in Telugu, English and some in Urdu mediums of instruction right from 1st class to 10th class. All of them come from lower economic strata of Society.

While the Government gives text books gratis to all these students, many of them cannot afford to buy the note books, other educational aids and pay examination fee in the higher classes. Avayam Charitable Trust, since its inception in 2007, has taken upon itself the task of donating note-books and other educational aids to these students. Examination fee of X class students is remitted to the authorities.


Many of these Government schools lack basic infrastructure facilities. One major shortcoming is the woefully inadequate teacher to student ratio. This, predictably, translates into poor performance in the public examination. Where necessary Trust, on a temporary basis, places teachers at its cost to handle special classes, especially, in Maths and Physical Sciences.

To give a fillip to talented girls to acquire higher education, Trust has adopted students of Govt. Junior College for Girls, Marredpally and SD Road, Secunderabad. A total of 950 girl student are on the rolls (2013) in these two Institutions.

Trust works with the College authorities to upgrade the Laboratory facilities. A number of equipment viz. Microscope, Centrifuge were donated to Government Junior College for Girls, Marredpally.

To further their employment potential Trust has set up a state of art Computer Lab in Govt. Junior College for Girls, Marredpally. Students will be taught Computer fundamentals, MS office and Tally, an accounting software. Monthly stipend is paid to some deserving students.

Trust sponsors girl students for EMCET coaching. One of these students has completed the engineering course. Now, we have started a program to sponsor such students for Degree courses like BSc (Microbiology), Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering. We have found that they are not only talented but quite enthusiastic to pursue higher education.


Geriatric care

Another major area of concern to the Trustees is the care of the aged. Here again, the Trust is working with existing Old Age homes and organisations to help this class of people. It is actively involved with the running of Integrated Welfare Society Jeedimetla, Ranga Reddy District. This Society, run by a couple, houses around 100 men and women who are destitute and other-wise abled.


To ease the congestion in this Old Age Home the Trust funded the construction of a dormitory accommodation for 12-14 of these residents. Medicinal requirement for these residents is partly taken care of by us. Trust sponsors meals for these residents on special occasions. Further the Trust has started supplying every month, rice and oil to this home.Other areas of concern

Avayam Charitable Trust has regular interaction with a few Orphanages in the twin cities. One such place is the Shelter for Street Cildren, Bansilalpet, Secunderabad. This Shelter is managed by an NGO. Trust, every year, celebrates Diwali with these children. New clothing, sweets and crackers are distributed to these children.

Trust celebrates Independence Day and Republic Day when National flag is hoisted and sweets distributed. Sports, games and painting competitions and other entertainment programs like mimicry are organised.

Trust has also adopted a girls’ Orphanage, Guild of Service Seva Samajam Balika Nilayam. Periodically, dinners are sponsored in this Orphanage.


Interest free loans

At a different level Avayam Charitable Trust is looking into giving soft loans to female entrepreneurs for starting small business activities. In two such cases economically poor


women were given interest free loans to buy sewing machines.Trust provided interest free loan to a couple to purchase a goods vehicle.

We also provided, interest free, seed capital to an entrepreneur to kick start a drinking water distribution net work. This enterprise is so successful that we have provided loans repeatedly to widen the business interest.

Future Activities

Girls Education

Avayam Charitable Trust plans to enlarge its activities in this core area. To start with, it proposes to provide education and financial aid to all the girl students in government schools with in Secunderabad Cantonment area.

It proposes to augment, where necessary, teaching strength by sponsoring more tutors for English, Science and Maths.

Trust would like to adopt more Junior Colleges with in the twin cities of Secunderabad and Hyderabad. In addition, it would like to sponsor, within 5 years, around 200 poor girl students for higher Degree/ Professional collegiate education.

This entails sponsorship by an individual or a group of individuals (“ Group Sponsorship”) or Organisations.

Old Age Homes

In keeping with its objective of ensuring that aged people live happily and with dignity Trust plans to adopt a few Old Age Homes which are run on philanthropic lines.

As a major complaint of the old people is neglect by the younger generation, Avayam Charitable Trust plans to maintain constant interaction with these senior citizens by organising group activities- spiritual and physical (viz. yoga). With more than 160 Old Age Homes operating within the twin cities of Secunderabad and Hyderabad this is a daunting but necessary task.

In this area the Trust will work with other NGOs which are doing commendable service to the cause of these senior citizens.


Like the Old Age Homes, there are a number of Orphanages which are operating within the twin cities. Avayam Charitable Trust will endeavour to organise programs both for physical and mental up-liftment of these children.

To start with, Trust is planning to work closely with Shelter For Street Children, Bansilalpet. A responsible care-taker, preferably an ex-serviceman, will be appointed to instil some discipline and bring in a modicum of orderliness. The next target is to provide clean living conditions and nourishing food. Evening games, physical exercises and yoga are also contemplated.

Regular outings to places of historical and educational value, screening of movies and audio-visual programs to enlighten these children about animal and plant kingdoms and on world heritage sites are some of the programs visualised. Entertaining programs like cartoon films are part of the schedule. In addition, celebration of National days and festivals would be important activities. Regular sports events will be conducted.

Trust also plans to upgrade its association with the girls Orphanage, Guild of Service Seva Samajam Balika Nilayam, Vijaya Nagar Colony.

Interest free loans

With its initial success in encouraging women to start small business ventures, Trust would like to focus on expanding this activity vigorously. More such women would be identified to start businesses activities like tailoring, knitting, embroidery work, vegetable/fruit vending etc. Trust is in discussion with some training Institutions for providing vocational training to these women.